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Debbie Gosnell


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Debbie Gosnell, City Administrator of Cross Plains, is the quintessential example of dedication and commitment.   After having graduated high school in 1976, Deb went on to attend Brownwood Commercial College where she received her legal secretary degree. Marrying Don Gosnell in 1979 they moved to Ballinger, Texas.  After transferring back to Cross Plains, Gosnell returned to her position with the City of Cross Plains.

 She and her husband, Don have one son, Jody, two daughters Cindy and Bonnie and four grandchildren, Chad, Hayley, Jayten and Lindsey.

In 1984 Deb was recruited by Dal-Mar Energy for the position of Office Manager. Her duties were the management of the City’s local Gas distribution and gas gathering facilities. In that capacity Deb instituted a new in house billing system. Streamlining that process was a major achievement due to all of the regulations the utility was required to meet. She still occasionally consults for Dal-Mar when needed. Working for Dal-Mar until 1988, Gosnell was then recruited by the City of Cross Plains to return as their City Administrator. She has served the City in that capacity until the present time. Gosnell has streamlined and perfected the city’s billing system and in house accounting along with many other major issues the City has faced.

Gosnell’s accomplishments are many and varied from building a new wastewater treatment plant to building a new updated City Hall.  Many hard decisions  have had to been made along the way such as closing the City’s landfill area and re-instituting city property tax, however, in doing so positive and progressive things have been accomplished. 

During her tenure as City Administrator, Gosnell has experienced many devastating circumstances affecting the city, such as the effects of a tornado in 1994, the wildfires of 2005, and the flooding rains of 2006.   During each disaster, the monumental task of organizing the cleanup was overwhelming, however, with the help of key staff, county employees and the many volunteers, the debris was removed and the City was properly functioning within six weeks. But, the woes weren’t over yet. Flooding struck the area – precipitated by 12” of rainfall. All of the remaining gravel streets experienced devastating loss but was quickly put back to their original state using City funds as well as a $39,000 grant obtained through FEMA.  During her tenure as City Administrator, Gosnell has suffered with and responded to the citizens needs in the City she loves and calls home.

Gosnell’s leadership qualities have been indispensable in bringing the City’s infrastructure to meet the expectations and regulations of the TCEQ. As the city progressed in infrastructure, she was always attentive to the needs of other employees and was able to bring the City’s equipment standards to a level never realized before. As a devoted City Administrator, she has balanced the business aspect parallel to the needs of her employees.

Also serving as the Economic Development Director, she has facilitated in the recruitment of a new “Dollar General” store, been instrumental in helping many of the already established local mom & pop businesses as well as recently bringing a new fitness center to the community.

The beautification program of the downtown area as well as community wide remains close to Gosnell’s heart.  She believes that taking care of what you have is not only a privilege but also a responsibility.  Local youth baseball and softball facilities have been updated, new banners, benches and planters have been placed in strategic locations to improve the aesthetics of Cross Plains.   

Providing a place for the Senior Citizens is also a key element to our community, Gosnell said.  This project has been very successful under the administration’s leadership and she and the staff continue to look for ways to make the Center successful. 

 “I have surrounded myself with faithful employees who love their job and their community and have the same views as myself.  I work well with my Mayor/Council in the promotion of my community and projects that we undertake.  If any honor is due, my Mayor/council – past and present - share in it as their goals have always been my goals as well. Renewing my commitment to the Lord in 1986, I believe in having a “working as unto the Lord” attitude.  I have lived in Cross Plains my entire life except for two years.  I have dedicated my life to God, family, and community.  Everyone who knows me knows that my office is open and I am both concerned and compassionate about the needs of Cross Plains and its citizens.”

The Citizens of Cross Plains are our most important asset. Our goal is to provide our citizens with the best possible government. To ensure our commitment to citizen service, we will:

  • Respond to all inquires, requests for service, or complaints in a professional manner;
  • Treat each citizen with respect, dignity and courtesy;
  • Provide citizens with accurate information and clearly defined procedures;
  • Treat each individual request for assistance or service equally;
  • Make a commitment to continually improve our employees’ professional ability to maintain the highest level of citizen satisfaction.

About the City of Cross Plains Administrator

The City Administrator is responsible for the daily overall operation of the City of Cross Plains under general supervision of the Mayor and City Council. She maintains an effective working relationship with committees, department heads, employees and the public in order to coordinate and assure the effective and efficient city government operations. As the Chief Administrative Officer of the city, she is responsible for budgeting, financial planning and analysis, and human resource management.

Teresa Kennedy

City Secretary

Teresa Kennedy, City Secretary, began her career with the City January 1, 2004.  She married Todd and together they have two children, Jaden & Brayden. Jaden currently attends Cisco Junior College and Brayden is a Junior in High School. Kennedy is responsible for the utility billing for the city as well as serving as the Municipal Court Clerk. She is responsible for preserving all the City's permanent records as well as the daily tasks of the City Secretary. Taking care of all the customre service calls she always has a pleasant smile, a kind voice and understanding heart with the ability to resolve even the most unpleasant of circumstances. Kennedy is a valuable employee whose dedication to her position is exceptional.