Cross Plains Memorial Park


Sitting still has never been an acceptable concept in the mindset of the citizenery of Cross Plains. Always diligent to augment the aesthetic, coupled with a desire of due diligence, Cross Plains is fortunate to have members of our community who are ready to serve that goal. In 2008 a committee was formed to asscess the possibility of adding a new perimeter fence to the two memorial parks.Within a short time frame, plans were well on the way to coming to fruition. The Cemetery Association's committee members organized a fund raising campaign, the public was informed, and mail-outs and emails found their way into the mail boxes of  current and previous residents who still think of Cross Plains as their home. Dedication plaques were sold to further augment the project, the old chain link fencing was removed and funds soon reached a point to allow construction to begin. The first section of the project was well under way! 



Subsequently, work on the parks reached mid-point and new efforts in raisning the needed funds were implemented. As further construction was done piecemeal, the parks are nearing completion. The South side of the main, older park is all that is lacking and the new park, being the smaller park, will hopefully be completed in the near future. The work that has been done could not have been accomplished without the generous support of all involved and the countless hours of work put forth by committe members. Cross Plains Cemetery Assocation members shown below are (top left) Burlie Taylor, Debbie Gosnell, Bob Harrel, (bottom left) Vondell Bailey, Sandra Jones, and Debbie Reed. The next time you see one of these fine folks, give them a pat on the back for a job well done!


New Memorial Park (South Wall)

Old Memorial Park (East Wall)
As work continues on the parks and funds from donations to the Cross Plains Cemetery Assocation are made available to this project, we look forward to whatever the future may hold in the form of new projects for the parks......we just can't sit still!!