City of Cross Plains

City Council Board Minutes

JANUARY 13, 2009

Page 235 

This was a regular meeting of the Cross Plains City Council.  Members of the council present were Mayor Ray Purvis, Bob Kirkham, Peg Terrell, Jerry Cassle & Audrey Purvis. 

Employees present were Stuart Sowell, Doug Dugger, Teresa Kennedy, Amber Thomas, Debbie Gosnell & Don Gosnell. 

Members of the public meeting were Kim Lambert, James Nichols, Era Lee Hanke, Mark Norris, Kerry Mann, Blake Foster, Gerald Brown, Teri Lyn Niz, & Richard Perry. 

Mayor Purvis called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. 

By general consent the council approved the minutes as read.  

By general consent the council approved the police and judge’s report as presented.


Bob Kirkham moved to pay the bills.  Audrey Purvis seconded and motion carried. 

Susan Holland had requested that the City consider putting in some type of recycling bins for the citizens to use to recycle items such as newspapers, aluminum, glass, etc.  Discussion was held concerning the matter and Peg Terrell suggested that Ms. Holland submit to the council a workable plan to incorporate the project.  The plan should include such items as where the bins would be placed, who would man the facility and what days and times the facility would be open for use.  The council will then place the proposal on the agenda for consideration. 

Kerry Mann met with the council to update them on the progress of the Strategic Planning Committee.  Mann reminded the council that the main point of interest at the Strategic Planning Meeting held back in March of 2008 was another source of funding for the City.  He advised the council that the committee has investigated several other sources of revenue funding for the city but that the most feasible source would be to re-establishing a property tax for the City.  He advised the council that there are 149 Senior Citizen Taxable Accounts with 859 total taxable accounts.  With a 30 cent tax rate the city would net approximately $66,000 annually.  Mann also discussed the different exemptions that would be available to the Seniors and the fact that the City could freeze the rate if they so desire.  He asked the council for permission to plan a follow up meeting in mid February to discuss the issue with the community again and by general consent the council agreed.    Mayor Purvis asked the audience for comments but none were made. 

The next item on the agenda was the Ordinance making it necessary for any salespersons who want to sale goods or services within the city limits of Cross Plains to register at City Hall before they can sell their goods.  Discussion was held concerning how the salesmen would know that they have to register and it was noted that in some cities there are signs coming into the community that announce there is a permit required for sales.  Gosnell is to check into the signs with the Stated.  Gosnell is also to get sample ordinances for the council to consider. 

Amber Thomas, Site Director for the Senior Citizens Center gave a report to the council since opening.  She reported that they are serving an average of 28 meals in the center with 33 meals on wheels being delivered daily.  She also informed the council that “ACCESS” has a position available that will pay for someone who is 55 years or older on a limited income who would like to work 20 hours weekly.  Hours for this position would be from 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Ms. Thomas also asked the council to consider putting in a vent-a-hood to control the heat and smells and a spice rack.  Thomas also advised the council that the records are confidential and would need to get a locking filing cabinet as soon as possible and to construct her office space as soon as funds would allow.  She informed the council that a local couple has volunteered to buy all the seniors (60 and up) a meal who would like to come to the center and eat on January 21, 2009.   The couple would like to see as many seniors taking advantage of the center and to come and see what all is taking place.  Also on this date, Kerry Mann will be giving a short devotional and singing.  Ms. Thomas thanked the council for the City’s contribution to the Center and for their continued support.  The Council thanked Ms. Thomas for the tremendous job both she and Mary Jones are doing at the Center.  Comments were made as to the friendly atmosphere and delicious meals being served. 

PAGE 236 

The Fire Department was not on the agenda, but had representatives present to update the council on the annual election of officers.  Blake Foster reported that Ricky Carouth was re-elected as Fire Chief, Blake Foster Assistant Chief, Gerald Brown Rural Chief, J.D. Huddleston Secretary, Ricki Jo Brown Treasurer and Darren Koettel Truck Captain.  Mr. Foster asked the council to consider making the area across from the Fire Department south in front of the Housing Authority a “NO PARKING” zone.  The council discussed the matter and thought that at one time this area was a “NO PARKING” zone.  Gosnell is to look into the matter, put up signs and have the curbing painted to indicate the no parking zone.  The council thanked the Fire Department for the information and their contribution to the City. 

Peg Terrell spoke to the audience and informed them that Kay Bailey Hutchison has an on-line survey to discuses the high cost of insurance, limited access to health care, limited choice of health care practitioners, education, transportation, etc., and encouraged the citizens to go on-line and fill our the survey. 

At 7:15 p.m. Mayor Ray Purvis cited Section 551.074 of the Open Meetings Act as reason for entering into executive session and entertained a motion.  Jerry Cassle so moved with Bob Kirkham seconding and motion carried. 

Personnel discussion and evaluations. 

Bob Kirkham moved at 9:00 p.m. to return to open meeting.  Jerry Cassle seconded and motion carried. 

Audrey Purvis  moved to adjourn.  Bob Kirkham seconded and motion carried.



Ray Purvis, Mayor



    Debbie Gosnell, Secretary