City of Cross Plains

City Council Board Minutes

July 14, 2009

Page 250 

This was a regular meeting of the Cross Plains City Council.  Members of the council present were Mayor Ray Purvis, Lewis Fortune, Bob Kirkham, Jerry Cassle, Karen Lenz, & Peg Terrell. 

Employees present were Debbie Gosnell, Don Gosnell, & Teresa Kennedy. 

Members of the public meeting were Kerry Mann, Terry Franklin, Era Lee Hanke, Ken Martin, City Engineer, Cameron Gulley, City Auditor, and Kimberlee Watson. 

Mayor Purvis called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.   

By general consent the council approved the minutes as presented.  

By general consent the council approved the police and judge’s report as presented.


Bob Kirkham moved to pay the bills.  Karen Lenz seconded and motion carried. 

Cameron Gulley, City Auditor met with the council to go over the 2008/2009 Annual Audit Report.  Mr. Gulley went over the report in detail.  Mr. Gulley commented that although the City has managed to stay solvent he commended the council for re-instituting a property tax in order to keep the city moving in a positive direction rather than negative.  He also commented that now that the City has re-established a property tax they will become eligible for grants for the water & wastewater infrastructure, noting that they were not even eligible to apply previously.  After lengthy discussion Bob Kirkham moved to accept the audit as presented.  Peg Terrell seconded and motion carried. 

Ken Martin, City Engineer met with the council to advise them that the plans for the pivot system is ready and we can begin taking bids for the system as soon as the council is ready.  He noted that a set of the plans has been sent to the TCEQ for their approval.  By general consent the council agreed to begin taking bids for the system and to open bids at the next regular council meeting. 

By general consent the council agreed to begin taking bids on the Maintenance Department’s 1998 Ford F150 pickup.  Bids to be opened at the next regular meeting. 

Gosnell informed the council that she is working with TEEX to provide “Cluster Training” for the Water & Wastewater Classes needed for the maintenance personnel’s certification.  She explained that the classes would be held in Cross Plains at no cost to the City and that the city would actually save the cost of motel, travel, meals, etc. by not having to send our employees to other cities for training.  It would also bring other people to Cross Plains who would stay in our motel, eat at our restaurants and possibly buy gas while here.  All agreed that it would be a benefit to hold the training in Cross Plains and for Gosnell to pursue setting up the classes. 

By general consent the council asked Gosnell to begin having the maintenance department fill out car logs for their vehicles so that when trading in or selling a vehicle, the dealership or individual can look at the history of the maintenance of the vehicle and it could possibly bring more. 

Kerry Mann, Planning Commission Chairman, met with the council to present names for possible candidates for the Board of Adjustment.  Kerry presented the following names for consideration and commented that he has contact each candidate and all are willing to serve if so appointed:  Karen Lenz as a City representative, Kerry Mann for the Planning Commission representative, Connie Kirkham, Greg Turner, and Charles Chesshir.  Mr. Mann asked that Mayor Purvis appoint the members with the council’s approval.  Therefore, Mayor Purvis appointed the names recommended and Jerry Cassle moved to approve the appointment, Bob Kirkham seconded and motion carried with Karen Lenz abstaining from voting. 

Discussion was held concerning the possibility of the City purchasing and stockpiling the flu vaccine for its employees.  By general consent the council declined to participate. 

Jerry Cassle moved to go into Executive Session at 7:15 p.m.  Peg Terrell seconded and motion carried. 


Peg Terrell moved to return to open meeting at 7:50 p.m.  Jerry Cassle seconded and motion carried. 

Bob Kirkham moved to adjourn.  Lewis Fortune seconded and motion carried. 



Ray Purvis, Mayor



    Debbie Gosnell, Secretary