City of Cross Plains

City Council Board Minutes

March 10, 2009




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This was a regular meeting of the Cross Plains City Council.  Members of the council present were Mayor Ray Purvis, Audrey Purvis, Bob Kirkham, Peg Terrell, & Jerry Cassle. 


Employees present were Debbie Gosnell, Don Gosnell, Teresa Kennedy, & Amber Thomas.


Members of the public meeting were Dannes Turner, Lewis Fortune, Frankie Hyles, Kim Lambert, Gilbert Ibarra, Teri Brown, Ken Farmer, Norma Farmer, Henry Ring, Mark Ring, Bob Pipers, Jane Holmes, David Holmes, Kerry Mann, Mark Norris, Era Lee Hanke, Bob Childress, Lavonne Childress, Roger Hinkle, Ricky Carouth, David Estes, Rick Potter, and Annie Smith.


Mayor Purvis called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. 


By general consent the council approved the minutes as read. 


By general consent the council approved the police and judge’s report as presented.



Jerry Cassle moved to pay the bills.  Audrey Purvis seconded and motion carried.


Amber Thomas, Site Director for the Senior Citizens Center met with the council to update them on the progress of the center.  She reported 569 meals on wheels were delivered along with 496 congregate meals served for the month of February.  She also advised the council that over 30 seniors were present for bingo night and another night has been scheduled for March 20th.  She thanked the council for the computer and advised the council that the Council of Governments would provide the internet service.  She stated that the garage sale would be held on April 25th and she would plan another in the fall.  She also advised the council that the Health inspector came on February 24th and that the only problems sited as deficient in the center were the chlorine residual was not properly calibrated and that has been corrected.  She was also advised to get a digital thermometer instead of the old kind.  The center needs a separate mop sink and she and Debbie are working on getting one installed and a few old rat pellets were found in the back storage area and have been cleaned up. She reminded the council that the center is treated monthly.  Also noted was the three compartment sink is leaking and after close examination it was determined that the sinks have been patched and are no longer repairable and requested to be able to purchase a new/used sink as soon as we can locate one.  By general consent the council agreed that one was needed.


Bob Pipes asked if he could take a moment to recommend Barbara Cook for the cook’s position that is available at the center.  The council thanked him for his comments.


Bob Childress met with the council to ask that the City install a riser at the Cottonwood Water Field for the purpose of both the Cross Plains and the Cottonwood Fire Departments being able to get water to fight fires that are in the Cottonwood area.  The matter was discussed concerning who would be able to get water out of the riser and who would have keys to it.  Also discussed was that no other person or entity be allowed to get water for any other reason than to fight fires.  The council advised Mr. Childress that they would discuss the matter further and get back to him.


Bob Childress, representative of the Cross Plains Public Library asked the council if they had had the opportunity to look over the Contract between the Library and the City.  The first question the council had concerning the contract was #3 on the contract which states that the Library will be made an agent of the City.  Also discussed was if the contract could be cancelled with a six month written notice, why the contract needed to be for a 10 year period.  The council also asked that the “upon request” phrase be removed from #7 and that this would be an annual event.  The council stated that they would send the contract over to the City’s attorney for review and would abide by his recommendations.  Mr. Childress thanked the council for their consideration of the matter and by general consent the council agreed to table the matter until the next called meeting. 




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Frankie Hyles met with the council to discuss some zoning issues.  He asked the council to consider rezoning an area of town south on Highway 206, also known as Main Street, to allow him to put in a “Meat Market-Deli Shop” next to where the old Lakeway Store used to be.  After looking at the map the council agreed that this area should have been zoned commercial and that Gosnell would look into the matter and discuss her findings at the next regular meeting.  By general consent the matter was tabled until the next regular meeting. 


Ricky Carouth met with the council and thanked them for their consideration of the water riser at Cottonwood.  Ricky told the council that the reason for his visit was to ask for financial assistance for the repairs to two fire trucks that has sustained damage.  He explained that one truck needed a new motor and has already been purchased and that Montgomery was already putting it in.  He asked that the council consider one half of the cost of repairs to both vehicles.  He informed the council that the annual fish fry fund raiser is scheduled in April. 


Gosnell discussed the poor internet service she receives from the current internet provider.  She asked permission to seek out another internet service.  Persons in the audience commented that they too had switched internet providers due to the poor service.  Gosnell is to seek out the best internet service available for the city and to ask their current provider to meet with them at the next regular council meeting to discuss why their service is so poor.  It was noted that they currently have their equipment on the overhead water storage tank in exchange for free service to the city.


Gosnell read the “Peddler’s Ordinance” for the first reading of approval.  Bob Kirkham so moved, Jerry Cassle seconded and motion carried.


Dannes Turner, EDC President met with the council to go over the annual report to the board.  She went over the activities and accomplishments for the past year.  She reported that the board received two proposals, has instituted three awesome web-sites for the City, the EDC, & the Cross Plains Planning Committee, all built and maintained by Rick Potter.  She also stated that the board helped Pancake’s Home Stitchin’, the new girl’s softball field, purchased twelve new banners, held a fund raiser for the restroom restoration at Treadway Park, has helped the Pool House with renovations to the roof, and has committed $10,000 to the Park Renovations project.  She also stated that we have built three entry signs, one currently being completed at this time.  She commented that the EDC was instrumental in the Strategic Planning Meeting held in February and also established the planning committee.  The Corporation funded twelve incentive grants and made contributions to Project Pride, the Barbarian Festival and the Planning Committee.  Turner thanked the council for allowing Gosnell to serve as their Director and commented that her availability was helpful to the board.  She informed the council that the budget for the EDC included $100,000 worth of various projects as well as a loan/grant to Parker Ironworks in the amount of $15,000.00.  She asked that the council consider the EDC board’s budget when they adopt the City’s budget and to approve the Parker proposal tonight.  Bob Kirkham so moved, Peg Terrell seconded and motion carried.


Gosnell discussed the dilapidate structures in the community and also discussed the burned out trees that remain from the 2005 fire.  She asked the council for permission to begin enforcement on the structures as well as the houses.  By general consent the council agreed that the trees need removing and the houses that need addressed first are the ones located on the Main entrances into Cross Plains. 


Also on the agenda for discussion was Grease Traps or Pits used by the local cafes.  It was noted that a lot of the restaurants do not use a pit or have their traps cleaned on a regular basis and that it causes the city a lot of trouble in their main lines.  Gosnell to look into an ordinance for enforcement.


Peg Terrell moved to go into executive session at 7:35 p.m.  Bob Kirkham seconded and motion carried.


Discussion of personnel. 


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Jerry Cassle moved to return to open meeting at 8:00 p.m.  Bob Kirkham seconded and motion carried.


Bob Kirkham moved to hire Arlene Stephenson as cook at the Senior Citizens Center.  Audrey Purvis seconded and motion carried. 


Bob Kirkham moved to put in a riser at the Cottonwood field and Gosnell to look into liability and excessive water use.  Peg Terrell seconded and motion carried. 


Jerry Cassle moved to pay one half of the cost of repairing the fire trucks requested by Rick Carouth in the amount of $4,300.00.  Bob Kirkham seconded and motion carried.


Bob Kirkham moved to adjourn.  Jerry Cassle seconded and motion carried.




Ray Purvis, Mayor



    Debbie Gosnell, Secretary