City of Cross Plains

City Council Board Minutes

March 2, 2009



Page 238


This was a special meeting of the Cross Plains City Council.  Members of the council present were Mayor Ray Purvis, Bob Kirkham, Audrey Purvis, Peg Terrell, & Jerry Cassle. 


Employees present were Debbie Gosnell.


Discussed at length was the 2009/2010 proposed budget.  Also discussed was the impending need for infrastructure and the consequences of not beginning a replacement program.  Also discussed was the need to educate the citizens as to the condition of the system and why the need for the additional revenue.


Line item subjects were discussed and minor changes were made to the budget.  


Peg Terrell suggested that we put the fee charged for the Community Center on the next agenda.


Jerry Cassle moved to adjourn.  Peg Terrell seconded and motion carried.




Ray Purvis, Mayor



    Debbie Gosnell, Secretary