City of Cross Plains

City Council Board Minutes

March 31, 2009





Page 241


This was a public hearing of the Cross Plains City Council.  Members of the council present were Mayor Ray Purvis, Bob Kirkham, Audrey Purvis, Peg Terrell, & Jerry Cassle. 


Employees present were Debbie Gosnell, Don Gosnell, Teresa Kennedy & Jan Yeager.


No members of the public were present.


The purpose of the meeting was to adopt the 2009/2010 Annual Budget.  After reading the Ordinance making appropriations for the support of the City of Cross Plains, Bob Kirkham moved to pass the Ordinance as read.  Peg Terrell seconded and motion carried.


Jerry Cassle moved to adopt the 2009/2010 budget as presented.  Bob Kirkham seconded and motion carried unanimously. 


Bob Kirkham moved to adjourn.  Audrey Purvis seconded and motion carried.




Ray Purvis, Mayor



    Debbie Gosnell, Secretary