City of Cross Plains

City Council Board Minutes

March 9, 2009



Page 239


This was a special meeting of the Cross Plains City Council.  Members of the council present were Mayor Ray Purvis, Bob Kirkham, Audrey Purvis, Peg Terrell, & Jerry Cassle. 


Employees present were Debbie Gosnell & Amber Thomas.


First applicant to interview for the position of cook at the Senior Citizens Center was Martha Switzer.  Martha advised the council that she has worked at the Dairy Queen and the Rising Star Truck Stop as cook.  She has experience helping with fixing plates and serving meals to Senior Citizens at the Cross Plains Nursing Home.  She stated that she has experience in preparing menus and felt that this would not be a problem.  She was advised the hours would be from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday.  The council advised Ms. Switzer that Amber Thomas would be her immediate supervisor.  The council thanked Ms. Switzer for her interest in the position.


The next applicant to interview was Emmanuel Alvertos.  Ms. Alvertos advised the council that he was born in Athens and lived there until he was seventeen.  He came from a large family and learned to cook from his mother.  Manny said that he works well with people and is a very joyful person.  In the military he was responsible for arranging different functions and preparing and organizing for over 300 people.  He also explained that he also currently works for Parts Plus and will continue to do so in the afternoon. The council thanked Mr. Alvertos for his application.


Barbara Cook also applied for the cook’s position.  She advised the council that she currently works for access and is already helping in the kitchen at the Senior Citizens Center and this would just move her from working for access to working for the City.  She explained that she owned and operated the Dairy Bar and several other eating establishments that gave her great experience in this field.  The council thanked Barbara for her application.


Arlene Stephenson was the next applicant to interview.  Ms. Stephenson commented that she has helped deliver the meals on wheels program for many years and wants to help make this project work.  Ms. Stephenson spoke on her skills and assets of organizing and planning that she has many years of experience in not only in the working field but in volunteering in many different organizations.  She has many years in preparing dinners for not only family, but for events as well.  Comments concerning her strengths were that she gets along well with people and loves working with volunteers.  She also commented that she would be available as soon as the council would like.


Kristin Hunter also applied for the cook’s position at the Senior Citizens Center. Ms. Hunter commented that she loves to cook and this position would work really well with her schedule.  She commented that she would be able to drop her children off at school and then be off in time to pick them up.   Her experience in cooking includes working at the Dairy Queen, the Subway, and owning her own Child care center.  Ms. Hunter commented that her strengths include be able to work under pressure.  The council explained that the hours at the center would be M-F from 8a until 1p.  Ms. Hunter commented that the hours would be fine.  The council thanked her for her application. 


Susan Sepulvado was the last applicant and she advised the council that she had previously worked for the Nursing Home in Rising Star and loves working with the elderly.  She felt that this position would be conducive to her interests.  Ms. Sepulvado stated that she could begin work as soon as possible and felt that she works well will people.  The council thanked her for her interests in the position.


Each applicant was discussed at length and the Mayor advised the council to think over their decisions and a final decision would be made at the council meeting the next evening. 


Jerry Cassle moved to adjourn.  Bob Kirkham seconded and motion carried.




Ray Purvis, Mayor



    Debbie Gosnell, Secretary