Treadway Park Pavilion

The City of Cross Plains, in parternership with the Cross Plains Economical Development Corporation, unveiled its latest addition last week, a new 40' X 70', 2800 square-foot pavilion, an “addition that gives our citizens a chance to better utilize the outdoor space of Treadway Park for events”, according to City Manager Debbie Gosnell.

Located East of the Rodeo grounds, the pavilion covers much of the previously uncovered area. Gosnell said she believes giving citizens and businesses the flexibility of hosting either an indoor or outdoor event without apprehension due to weather will be a significant improvment for events like the yearly Barbarian Festival. “I’ve always liked the idea of having a pavilion covering that outdoor space in Treadway Park… what I’ve found over the years though is that people always ask that question, ‘well, what’s going to happen if it rains?’. That deterred much of our plans in the past,” Gosnell said. “This pavilion will allow us now to have more events year round.”

While the pavilion’s construction is finished, the task of additional  lighting for the structure is in the works as financing becomes available.  “The entire concept of the pavilion's lighting is being planned to coincide with all types of events, from wedding ceremonies, retirement parties, the Roping Club’s annual dance, our 4th of July celebration, as well as the annual Barbarian Festival sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.… it’s going to be really nice,” said Dannes Turner, president of the Economic Development Corporation. Also in the works is the possibility of an outdoor movie screen, overhead outdoor fans, a bandstand and overhead speaker system.
The City's council members said the pavilion’s completion give them optimism for Treadway Park’s potential. “We are in the beginning motions of having more events, more open-to-the-public events … a lot of people want us to open regularly and offer more festivities like our July 4th celebration….maybe a few scheduled bar-b-que cook-offs. So, we haven’t made anything in the way of an official announcement about what we’re doing yet, but we do have a plan in place,”. In the future, as plans progress, the City of Cross Plains will be providing information on how to book your event.

To the right is the Treadway Park bridge which connects the front side of the park to the pavilion area.
 Treadway Park Bridge Dedication