City of Cross Plains Fire Department



Fire Chief: Rick Carouth


The Cross Plains Volunteer Fire Department protects a diverse community of just under 1,000 population. 

The department is responsible for fire protection services that include the Cross Plains municipality and residential properties as well as assisting several smaller communities.

The Fire Department responds with 1 Fire Company made up of 1 Engine and 3 Brush units. We also maintain a crash fire rescue vehicle.

Emergency Medical calls are handled by the Cross Plains Emergency Medical Services. The fire department responds with EMS and provides basic life support at all Priority one calls.

The city is divided into 4 quadrant areas for fire response and is commanded by a single Chief.

The department is comprised of 20 volunteer personnel.

Personnel breakdown is:

1 Chief 
1 Deputy Chief 
2 Captains 
2 Lieutenants 
14 Volunteer Fire Fighters

Assigned to the Training Division is:

1 Captain

Fire Prevention activities are provided through the Fire Prevention Bureau which is comprised of:

1 Captain/Supervisor
1 Fire Marshal Investigator/Inspector

The department responded to 200 calls for assistance in 2013.



Lots have been purchased and the pad has been built for the location of the new Fire Department building that is soon to be erected. Due to the dedication of Fire Department Chief Rick Carouth and City officials, as well as the entire Fire Department and many interested citizens and donors, the vision for a more workable rally point will soon be a reality.


Cross Plains Fire of 2005